About Simple Blessings Boutique



Thank you so much for stopping to shop with us! We are Brittany and Vannessa and we are the owners of Simple Blessings Boutique.


When we started our business in 2017, we had a vision. Our vision was to be apart of something to inspire women of all shapes and sizes. We were also desperately seeking a life that was family oriented and be better involved with our children. While that vision holds true today, we very quickly added more to our vision. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of others. We care, we give, we inspire, we believe in 100% beauty in everyone.
We don't have the ability to see anything different than that, and we refuse to allow you to either. We build people up, we don't allow negativity or tearing down. We know that God created every individual and if He thought enough of you to create you so perfect,  then you better believe we see it and that is what we care about.
He gave us this mission, vision, and life and we can only pray we never let Him down.